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Opportunity for hospitals, RMIS vendors and EHR vendors
Pilot program using data in EHRs to facilitate reporting

Pilot sites will help advance testing and validation of standards that will be included in Meaningful Use and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Certification Criteria, and benefit by being an early adopter of new functionality facilitating reporting of and learning from adverse events. The pilot participation checklist instructs you on how to express interest in participating in the structured data capture initiative for adverse event and patient safety event reporting. Typically, participation would be a joint project of a provider organization, an RMIS (Risk Management Information System) vendor and an EHR vendor.


The utility of EHR data is limited due to a lack of uniformity in the terminology and definitions of data elements across EHRs. Linking EHR data with other data in a uniform and structured way will accelerate quality and safety improvement, population health and research.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Structured Data Capture (SDC) initiative is developing and validating a standards-based data architecture so that a structured set of data can be accessed from EHRs for other appropriate purposes, including collecting and transmitting data for patient safety and adverse event reporting.

SDC will:

  • Decrease data collection burden by providers and staff
  • Provide standardized and structured approach for collection and transmission of data
  • Reduce need to customize EHR and Health IT systems
  • Remove barriers to volunteer adverse events

CHPSO co-chairs the ONC workgroup implementing incident reporting and FDA adverse event reporting. Our workgroup is now looking for organizations interested in testing automated capture of relevant data for these reports.

Please contact Rory Jaffe if you have any questions.