Kaweah Delta – 2019 Patient Safety Symposium
Improving Patient Safety through Just Culture

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Program Objectives

Review and center expectations around the Just Culture model.
Attendees will be able to apply Just Culture concepts to reduce errors and adverse events through:

  1. Using Just Culture principles to encourage reporting and learning from errors.
  2. Using Investigative Rules and concepts to analyze errors and events.
  3. Identifying systems and behavioral risks in their departments.
  4. Managing system design features as one of the primary inputs to better outcomes.
  5. Managing behavior using consistent and fair guidelines to enhance the employee’s quality of choice.

Program Description

In collaboration with professionals in the field of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, Kaweah Delta is proud to present the 2019 Patient Safety Symposium.

No human endeavor can be risk-free. We are fallible human beings – we design imperfect systems and make imperfect choices.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills in Just Culture form the industry expert, David Marx. Just Culture is not about willing ourselves to be perfect; rather, it is about designing robust systems around organizational values and relying on them to make safe choices within those systems. We cannot guarantee perfect outcomes, but we can commit to being the best stewards of the limited resources we have to fulfill the potential of the system we have designed.

Target Audience

All medical staff, licensed healthcare providers, healthcare leadership, and healthcare providers from all disciplines.


  • KDHCD Employees: Access myNetLearning from KDnet or KDCentral
  • Non-KDHCD Employees: Click HERE
  • Physicians: Contact Adam Gabel, (559) 624-2595
  • Cost: NO FEE for KDHCD Employees & Medical Staff; $59 for Non-KDHCD Employees (Check or Card Only)

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